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Surprisingly good food, convenient location with limited drinks menu.

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Fire and Ice Bar was reviewed on Tuesday 7th January 2014 20:00 by .

I've been to the Fire and Ice bar a few times previous to this review (mostly to kill time before the train arrived) but had never really stayed beyond the time it takes to down a drink or two. This time, I had the full intention of staying a couple hours for dinner, which I had only recently learned that they actually had a menu for. Coming from a position of no real expectations (especially regarding food), overall impressions were fairly positive.
Being predominately a beer drinker, my eye went straight to that portion of the drinks menu. The lack of choice here was glaring, and even some of the drinks that they did have on the menu weren't actually on hand (though they only did just open again from the Christmas break, so I don't imagine that would be typical). And a pint of Asahi for $15? Since when? There's work to be done for Fire and Ice in this regard, though in fairness the rest of the drinks menu looked a little more fleshed out.

We both got beef burgers for $22, which is decent value and was surprisingly good. Not quite Grill'd (and if that's what you're looking for, they're across the road) but still a better burger than I've had at a number of places. The rest of the menu looked well rounded out, a little on the pricey side perhaps but not out of place in Subiaco.

The layout and decoration goes for a stylish and slightly upmarket look. This review was done on early Tuesday evening - not the best time to judge a bar's ambience, but from my previous times there I can say that it's pleasant while still being quiet enough to carry a conversation. Smoking is allowed outside, which is a minus to me but will float other people's boats.
The service is pleasant and proactive. Previously I've sat out the front and ordered a drink with my card, and they've brought out my drink and an EFTPOS machine for me to pay without having to move, which is always nice.
Location is probably Fire and Ice's draw card, as sometimes there's nothing you want to do more than drink after getting off the train from work (should you happen to live in Subi). In any case, It's super easy to locate and is literally about 30m away from the Subi train station.

Overall, Fire and Ice is a solid bar in a great location, held back in my opinion by it's limited beer selection. If that's how you decide where you're going, you'll probably go to the Subi Hotel. If you just need a drink, save yourself the walk and go to Fire and Ice.

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