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Decent suburban pub - would be happy if it was my local.

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The Hydey was reviewed on Thursday 9th August 2012 18:00 by .

I had only been to The Hydey once before, but to be fair I was in no state to fairly make an assessment of the place. It was only once I walked back in that I had remembered I had been there before (long story but it involves a whole bunch of tequila - hence the lack of memory). The Hydey has undergone a renovation in the last couple of years bringing it up to date with a bunch of other modern suburban pubs. There is plenty of room both inside and out and there's even a full TAB 'round the back in case you fancy a punt with your pint.

I saw an ad for one of those "Great Food Great Value Deals" in the paper - a beef wellington with mash and veggies for $22.90. So we headed on down to the Hydey to take advantage of this great offer. The bar has a good range of drinks on offer for your average suburban pub, all the standard beers (on tap and bottled) as well as a few others including; a Nail Brewing Pale Ale which was delicious and from a local Perth Micro Brewery too! The wine list was fairly standard and the also offered mixed spirits by the jug (with the way liquor restrictions are going in Perth, I'm not sure these will be around for too long). 

I was halfway up to the bar to order our food when a giant poster advertising their chicken wings caught my eye. I had a hankering for good wings ever since coming back from a trip to the states about a year ago, so I happily added them to the two beef wellingtons we were having. Both bar and wait staff were friendly and our food came out in less than 20 minutes which was quite impressive.

Most of the bar is modern looking and has a good feel to it (including the outside area), except the spot we chose to sit - halfway between the main bar and the back section (where the TAB is located). It's a pretty dull open room, lacking character and by the time we were going to move our food had already come out, so we decided to stay put. The food was great, the beef wello was well cooked and the mushroom sauce was a tasty addition. My only complaint would be that the whole dish was a bit heavy on salt but other than that it was good. The chicken wings were awesome! and the hot sauce that came with them had a good bite to it. We didn't finish them as our eyes were a bit too big for our stomachs, but I will definitely be coming back for them soon, especially if it's a Thursday, where a kilo of wings is just 15 bucks!

I really can't see anyone having a bad time at The Hydey, it’s a decent local pub, perfect for a cheap mid-week meal and drink or a relaxed Sunday session with mates.

Live for the weekends and enjoy sinking an ice cold beer or two with mates, especially in a beer garden somewhere on a sunny Perth afternoon.


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Specials / Offers

  • Burgers and Brews
    Choose from our Legendary Hydey Wagyu burger, Steak burger and Chicken Burger. Don’t like meat our pumpkin and chickpea burger will satisfy any Vego. All served with chips. Only $15. Add a pint of WA’s own Sail and Anchor Larks foot golden ale for $5 or choose from our other 21 beers on tap.
  • Chewsday Steak Night
    250gm Graziers Rump Steak for $15. 400gm Graziers Steak for $20. Both cooked to your liking and served with chips.
  • Just Wing It
    1 Kilo Of Wings $15. Fried, Hydeys own spicy BBQ, or suicide if you dare! All served with blue cheese sauce and celery.