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Last Drop Brewery was reviewed on Friday 16th March 2012 19:00 by .

It’s true that quite often the most extraordinary places you encounter are those where you least expect. Nestled away in the developing area of east Canning Vale sits The Last Drop Brewery - a gastro-pub with a difference. Upon first sight, the cottage style exterior may have you mistaken for stumbling across a secluded dwelling in the Dutch countryside. And the European feel certainly doesn’t stop once you walk inside, with beautiful lacquered wooden tables and benches littered across the room, much akin to a German Hofbrahaus. But possibly the most distinguishable fixture in the room (also visible from the outside) are the four large steel fermentation vats used to produce those golden suds that this place is recognised for.

I’ve been to The Last Drop a few times now, with my latest outing being on a Friday night for a friend’s engagement party. The host had booked out two large tables to cater for the 20+ strong crowd so we were located near the middle of the room, conveniently close to the bar. Once the majority of people had arrived and been seated, our orders were taken by a friendly waitress. She seemed quite professional and familiar with the menu, which was pleasing as I find it quite annoying coming across wait staff who have to peer over your shoulder at the menu just to know what you’ve ordered. Whilst waiting for the food, a few of the boys decided to get started on the beers, which are served at the central bar. The Last Drop offer four house brews on tap (Pilsner; Wheat; Dark and Light) which are reasonably priced (Pints - $7.50, Jugs - $18, middies also available). They also offer a decent selection of Australian wines for those who fancy a glass of red or white. I’ve generally stuck with the Pilsner on each of my visits – it’s a refreshing drop with plenty of flavour and body, exactly what you want from a good house brew. Unfortunately, such positive comments cannot be reserved for the disinterested and uncourteous bar staff who served me, who possibly thought the idea of manners and a polite smile seemed more damning than the electric chair. However, let’s move on to the meal.

For mains, I ordered a Grilled Barramundi and Chips ($23), with many others around the table electing for either fish, steak or pasta. When the mains arrived, I was pleased with the fish being well cooked - crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. It was accompanied by a sizable serving of beer battered fries and a small side salad, which rounded out the plate well. Alongside a pint of their house Pilsner and I was in no rush to move along in a hurry. Others around the table seemed reasonably satisfied with both the size and quality of their meals, although from catching a glimpse of a steak from down the table it seemed a little small for my liking. The place has a good atmosphere on Friday nights and for those who follow the footy, there is a projector which shows the games on Fox and free to air. In addition, there is a TAB stationed near the entrance for those who can’t resist a punt.

Overall, I enjoyed my last outing at the Last Drop. The meals are reasonably priced and the quality and serving sizes will be up to scratch with similar offerings around Perth. Disappointments of note was the service from the bar staff, as well as the fact that there was no table service for drinks. One other annoyance was no split billing for the table, meaning if you intend to go with a large party be prepared to bring cash to avoid inconvenience. They also appear to be quite busy on weekends so book ahead to secure a table. The beers were the standout of the meal, and would impress those who enjoy the bold flavour of European style brewing. The Last Drop…possibly not just yet for me.

Cold beers and good company is what it's all about. Passionate about sharing my love of food and froffies - the simple things in life that make the special occasions what they are.


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