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The Commercial Hotel was reviewed on Saturday 17th February 2018 18:45 by .

I’ve always been a big supporter of the local but this is far from it. Thought we hit the jackpot when the meals were spot-on and the restaurant service second to none and it was busy on our first visit. Couldn’t get the attention of the (presuming) owner who was eating dinner in reception and young lad behind bar left a little to be desired but once I got his attention he did okay. 2 out of 3 not bad.

Second visit, meals took forever, young girl served us after walking past twice without even an acknowledgement to talk to owner in reception while 3 small tables were seated and plates and glasses stacked on the end of empty tables. We sat in the corner on a 4-seater table after getting drinks from the bar, put our drinks down and stuck to the table as it hadn’t been cleaned. Didn’t see the owner come out once, nobody bothered to ask about our meals and we too stacked them at the end and waited for some service that never happened. Bar service was much better (another young girl) and thought maybe they were just having an off night and gave them benefit of the doubt.

3rd visit. Little hesitant to go back but some friends were visiting so off we went. Same original girl in restaurant and meals and service were back on board. Owner in the reception again and same young guy behind bar. Having a great night with friends until a group of clearly drunk guys walk through the restaurant with vulgar language yelling and carrying on and head straight to the bar as we go to the pokies for a press, didnt stay in there long as they were still carrying on in the bar. People were leaving as I ordered drinks for the table and I was astounded they were being served and the owner having a laugh about it. Went back to the table and that’s all we could hear. Done us. Not family friendly which is a shame. Clearly mismanaged.


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